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Many of our clients come to Butterfly Facelift because they are unhappy with the results from botched surgical facelifts performed by a physician. At Butterfly Facelift it is our belief that most people do not need surgery to get the results they want… that these are shortcuts that often create additional problems. We are not a medical facility; we pride ourselves in the use of 100% all natural products and services to restore the skin health and its youthful appearance.

With the Butterfly Facelift treatment we address each client’s unique concerns by treating a myriad of conditions such as sagging skin, fine lines, scars, and the removal of excess or uneven fillers. We stimulate the collagen to restore naturally under the surface, activating stem cells to rejuvenate the skin, all naturally, non-invasively and non-surgically. The procedures are performed by physician-trained certified technicians, and uniquely with optional on-site physician consultation (by appointment only).

You can honestly look 5 to 10 years younger without surgery with this new scientific breakthrough, the revolutionary Butterfly Facelift. Call and schedule your complimentary consultation with Skin Cell Rejuvenation at 949-500-0719 today.

In addition to our non-surgical facelifts and Microneedling performed with the Eclipse Micropen, ask about our full menu of non-invasive rejuvenating procedures for the best results of complete transformation – with minimal to no pain and no downtime!

20281 S. W. Birch St. Suite 201 C Newport Beach, CA 92660


Inventor of the Butterfly Facelift 

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Several years ago, I put together a team of the world's best board-certified physicians, Scientists & MD's each a specialist in anti-aging medical treatments, to create a state of the art procedure the Butterfly Facelift with Ultherapy!


As a former professional athlete, I've had my fair share of health problems, and I can't say I'm a stranger to aging, either. Before I began sharing my secrets at Butterfly Facelift with Ultherapy, I was in pursuit of natural and legitimate remedies to restore the youthful look back to my face.

What I found was that there really seemed to be no non-toxic, natural based, rejuvenative remedies that didn't involve surgery. I began working with some of southern California's top anti-aging medical professionals and scientists, and ultimately invented the breakthrough Butterfly Facelift with Ultherapy.

Once I was able to see how much the health and happiness of my clients improved, I knew I had to make this my life's work. God created you perfectly in His vision. Sun damage, pollution, smoking, drinking, drug addiction and other toxins cause unnatural aging to occur. What we accomplish at Butterfly Facelift with Ultherapy is the restoration our patients closer to the vision in which they were created, by offering all-natural procedures to reverse the aging process.


What is the difference between anti-aging procedures and plastic surgery? Plastic surgery requires what the name implies -- surgery. The Butterfly Facelift with Ultherapy and all our other procedures are non-surgical, non-invasive and pain free. We do not use any unnatural fillers or toxins.


We have patented, non-invasive technologies, and use only 100% natural based serums and essences. Patients are able to obtain results far superior to a surgical face lift, without surgery, free of complications, with no down time after the procedure. It truly is an amazing gift from God.

The BEST priced Facelift in Newport Beach!

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